Home Networking and Office Special offers

Workstations to routers, printer sharing and firewalls, we connect your computers so you can get things done.

We don’t just setup you’re your computer or printer alone we help you update your wireless router and setup an up-to-date security that will keep your mind at rest and introduce you to Powerline Adaptor which is the perfect solution for home HD streaming or bandwidth intensive multi-player online games. With built-in AES encryption, it’s a simple way to connect all network compatible devices such as computers, game console, set-top box, smart TV, printers and NAS and if your wireless does not extend to a deferent part of your house.

Home Office

We set up home office with integrated network attach storage with cloud capability which allows you to access your files remotely from anywhere with a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop

We are introducing all our customers to Home Cloud which will allow you to organise your family photos, videos, music and documents in one central location. Access your files on any screen, at home or remotely. Centralise backup of all your home computers. Stream movies, photos, music streamed to your Big Screen TV.

This will save our customer a lot of money, time and give you peace of mind

Cloud Computing Longford